Nanomaterials for Energy

Flexible Triboelectric Nanogenerators

Triboelectric nanogenerators or TENGs are state of art electronics to harness mechanical motions in the environment and convert them to energy and this can be another step towards the internet of things ( IoT) by making them valuable for acting as chargers in self-sufficient electronics devices. TENGs need dielectric material with triboelectric properties and majority of material with this property are made of polymers that can be synthesized or natural polymers. We chose PDMS as a good negative triboelectric polymer and tried to modify the dielectric constant with the help of different nanoparticles. 

Polymer nanocomposite for EMI shielding




Flexible harsh environment resistance supercapacitors

We are making flexible gel supercapacitors modified by graphene oxide and Li ions in PVA gel electrolyte. The goal is adding new modifications that the device be capable of working in very low and high temperature. when the temperature decreases below 0 C, the hydrogels containing large amounts of water inevitably enter a frozen state, accompanied by losing mechanical softness and conductivity, which makes the assembled supercapacitors undergo serious capacitance degradation or even failure in a cold environment. Here we suggest a system with lower content of water and higher ion conductivity to overcome the temperature variation problem.

Polymeric dielectrics capacitors


Lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors

Due to the fast development of EVs, portable, flexible, and wearable electronic devices, it is vital to develop high-performance energy storage devices. Among these various energy storage systems, batteries and Supercapacitors are the two critical technological systems holding a broad range of applications. 
Energy storage devices with gel polymer electrolytes are lightweight, safe, and flexible. Hence, they can show a great potential in which we need power sources for flexible, portable electronics and high cycle life batteries for EVs.
Here, we fabricate high-performance, reliable, and safe energy storage deceives with gel-polymer electrolytes.